Performance, Not Promises

Start-to-Finish Solutions

We meticulously manage every aspect of the development process from design, supply chain management, manufacturing, assembly and delivery.

Signature Reduction Specialists

To major shipyards and prime systems contractors, we are a key partner in submarine signature reduction and safety.

Certified Excellence

Westland Technologies is an ISO 9001-2008 registered company with numerous awards and certifications providing assurance of the highest quality to customers in a wide variety of industries.

Quality On-time Delivery

Our reputation is built not just on consistent product quality, but also on making sure it arrives on schedule every time.

Westland Technologies is a fully-integrated, full-service provider of applied materials solutions. We work with customers to make highly customized rubber formulas—it's where chemistry and manufacturing come together. We design, manufacture and rigorously test custom-molded parts for vibration and sound dampening, sealing, signature management, thermal insulation and shock absorption in a wide range of industrial and defense applications. We accomplish all of that efficiently and consistently, in keeping with our company motto: Performance, not Promises.

Westland Technologies' ability to solve complex engineering challenges in any niche is what makes us a recognized and sought-after partner in elastomeric applications. No one appreciates Westland Technologies product dependability and on-time delivery more than the defense contractors and industrial users with whom we actively build trusting relationships, one project at a time.

On the land, in the sea and in the air, Westland Technologies products demonstrate their quality by simply working without fail, day in and day out.